Spotify Promotion

Spotify is the pioneer of the consumer listening experience that pays artists revenue per stream. With over 217 million users, having your music distributed on this platform is important to your brand.

Playlists Curation is the number 1 way to promote your music to a target audience. We will submit your track to over 100 playlists, and we do guarantee placements. 

Audience Funnel We combine our playlist curation with our unique method of combining swipe ups and Instagram Ads. The swipe link leads to the Spotify track you are promoting.

submit to 100 hip hop spotify playlist

Playlist Curation

Having your track paced on a Spotify playlist with active followers will expose your music and grow your brand.

The correct playlist for your track is vital for growth. Our team has gone through over 1000 playlists, and we handpicked our top 150 to submit your music too. Playlist curators that have accepted up and coming Hip Hop Artists and playlists that do have active followers.

Submit To Over 100 Spotify Curators

Guranteed Playlist Placement

Playlists With Active Followers

Gain Rvenue From Your Investment

Instagram Ads with real results & no surpises

Audience Funnel

Instagram Ads can be frustrating when you are not targeting the correct audience for the campaign you are trying to achieve. Our team has experience with 1000s of up and coming artists as well as commercial artists to achieve their campaign goals.

Our packages include the Ad budget so we never go over and we attain the results outlined in our pricing table.

Swipe Ups On Instagram

Instagram Ads Included In Package Price

A 3 Step Audience Rule For The Correct Audience.

Gain Rvenue From Your Investment

How It Works

Choose A Package

We cater to our packages for all budgets and requirements we will fill.

Choose a package that meets your needs.

48-Hours Start Time

Following package purchase, a confirmation email is sent out right away. Please check the spam folder for an invoice paid. 

We start within 48 hours. Please keep in mind weekends can have an extended start time.  

Grow & Final Delivery

We guarantee our packages that are outlined on our pricing table. Once we reach those requirements, a report will be sent out, via email to finalize the campaign. 

We guarntee on every campaign

Spotify Packages

We Acheive goals

Why Invest In Your Career With Our Team?


Requirements We Reach Are Clear

It is important for us to ensure value is provided when investing in your music career.

We run campaigns by reviewing results and altering the plan to achieve maximum results.

Quality Promotion

Our team takes pride in our work and we maximize every campaign by continuously reviewing results and altering as needed. 

5-Star Customer Service

Be assured your success is important to us. We only strive for 5 Star reviews. 

Follow Up Reporting

We don’t stop the campaign until we hit results. We follow up with reporting on every campaign. 


Service Reviews That Speak The Truth

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Frequently Ask Questions

Music Comes In All Production & Performance Quality. How Do You Guarantee Results Outlined On Your Pricing Table?

Our main SoundCloud channels have been building for over 10 years. We use them cautiously to ensure we do not burn them out. 

We package our results by the average up and coming artists in terms of brand and music quality.

Can I Achieve More Results If I have A Quality Brand & Music Content?

Absolutely. We always achieve more then what is outlined, even if we have to use more resources.  

Some artists can easily double or triple what is outlined on our pricing table. 

Who Is Your Audience?

We have a 99% USA Audience made up of other artists, producers, bloggers, podcasts, record labels, artist managers, and music fans. 

What is Fake Promotion Or Bots?

Bots generate fake profiles and can run up plays. Thankfully it is easy to tell the difference between the real and fake. 

During the campaign, review the accounts that are engaging with your content. There will be a mixture of paid pro accounts as well as accounts that have social media links attached to their profile.

We recommend checking out accounts visiting their other social media to authentic the promotion. 

Fake profiles do not pay for pro accounts and do not have other social media on their account. 

I Have Purchased A Package, When Does The Campaign Begin.

We work on a 48 hours start time. If the campaign start falls on the weekend, the campaign start would fall on Monday. 

I Have Purchased A Package, When Does The Campaign Begin.

We work on a 48 hours start time. If the campaign start falls on the weekend, the campaign start would fall on Monday. 

What Is Your Refund Policy?

Customer Relations are #1 for us. Please review our Refund Policy by Clicking HERE.

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